MJG - Im N Luv Wit a Stripper (Remix)

Song Rating: 9.17/10

Song lyrics:

[T-Pain talking]
God damn lil mama, you aint heard the remix yet
Twista, Paul Wall, Pimp C, MJG, Too $hort, come on baby

She got the body of a goddess, everybody know that
Super-cute face and the booty so fat
Im in the club dropping twenty-four stacks
Cuz Im in love and thats a well known fact
Like, yeah she know what she doing
If a n***a chillin with a stripper then he never go back home
She got eyes butter pecan brown cant leave it alone
Liking the way she break it down to the flo
Need to get her over here show her where
Its about to go down right now
Im in love with a stripper

You wanna know where Twista be on fifty
T-Pain invited me to Magic City
Im about to have some fun 2001
In these pocket all my e-fizzles with me
I like the way mama get up on the table
I like the way she pour the honey in her naval
I like it when she smack her fatty and open it up in front of me
I wanna touch it but I aint able
The one leg she can shake at the top of the pole
Look at the laffy taffy when she pop, she roll
I wanna get her in the bed right after they close
When I do a video you get the popular role
In the V.I.P. they get a lil lap dance
Come and grind on the willy of a black man
In my ear tellin me the sh** a n***a like to hear
While I nibble on ya nipple like Pac-Man
She freakin, she lickin, she rubbin
Then she pulled my dick out and start s**in
All because I be the Twista
Even though T-Pain told me shorty was a freak
I asked her can I take her home (Down right now)

[Hook 2X: T-Pain]
Im in love with a stripper, she really think Im playing, Im playing
She take me for a joke when I say it
Im in love with a stripper, got it real hot, gotta get with her
I cant stay out this club

[Pimp C]
Uh, young Pimp C
Im a P-I-M-P, trickin aint in my pedigree
It really aint bout no square love its strictly cause she payin me
She be wantin lay me but I cant do too much of that
Cuz even though yo a** fat, freakin off aint where its at
But I can show you how to get out there and get it
You love yo daddy I know ya with it
Thats why I got love for you
Cuz you get out there and do what it do
Workin my piece and work the pole

Break the trick you gotta pay to roll
Get the money break em off
And we in the Benz and we scratchin off

[Paul Wall]
It was love at first sight when I seen that a** shakin
And bout fifty dollars later it was love in our makin
Ya simply won my heart when I saw the way ya work that pole
And when you bent over ya had my wallet in a choke hold
I saw you in your birthday suit and and baby it was fate
When you give me a lap dance its like we gone on a date
But I feel like ya cheatin on me when I see ya dancin with other guys
Im runnin low on ones, I cant lie Im in love baby

[Hook 2X]

[R. Kelly]
I must be the first man to ever fall in love with an a**
Gonna roll down on my knees and ask that a** to marry me
‘Cause that booty makes me forget about every chick I freak with in my past
Plus we got a lot in common shes a stripper, Im a freak
Make me wanna grab it, I gotta habit, I gotta have it
You can call me the man of steel, cause that a** is just like a magnet, damn
You got me so in love, cant stay away from this club
Every time I find myself rollin up on them dubs
I been around the world
See booty all the time
I never seen a booty so so purty so so fine
Comin down the pole
No secret why Im here ‘cuz girl you keep my donk on swole
When it drop drop, when it pop pop, and when it hop hop
Baby the way you doin that thing dont you stop stop
I wanna stick it, wanna kiss it, if I could Id put my whole damn head in it
‘Cause Im in love with a stripper

[Hook 2x]

Im in love with a stripper, I need to get some stripper counselin
Cuz Im the first one in the front row when they make a stripper announcement
I think Im fallin in love with the one with the most a**
Thin, lil bitty waist, Imma go and buy that b**h a Volkswagen
MJG, pimp tight, no mo tippin stop the bill
If I come in here one mo night Im gon need Dr. Phil
But Im a G, Ill step back and tell them b**hes outright
Aint no way I can turn a stripper into a housewife

[Too $hort]
The last girl was pretty but she wasnt fine as you
She was s**y but she couldnt do the thangs you do
She could dance but nothin like the way you move
I used to want her until the day I saw you
Im a grown a** man I thought I seen it all
Doin all that on the pole and didnt even fall
And right then I knew exactly what it was (Whats that)
I wanna f** the baddest b**h in the club

[Hook 4X]

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