Montana Of 300 - Land Of The Dark

Song Rating: 7.20/10

Song lyrics:

[Chorus x2:]
Came in the game as a young n***a tryna get guap
From the land of the dark play it smart or yo a** get popped
Gotta roll with the pole in the van with the bros totin Glocks
Had to grind to the top non-stop now we got sh** locked

[Verse 1:]
Real n***a checkin in
Pounds of that loud is what I was investing in
Ambitious as Ive ever been
I sold specimens while I was fly like a pelican
Rap god you know how Im rockin the devil keep knockin I try not to let him in
I give hell to the demons thats meddlin only a fool talk sh** with no evidence
They sick in the head like ring worms & speakin the truth is the medicine
Kidnap em for questionin, then watch him go nuts in the trunk like an elephant
He gon talk David Letterman, while you beg for yo life dont insult my intelligence
Make you open yo mouth, stick my weapon in light your sh** up I think Im Thomas Edison. AH!
Started off in my dads house, then to the trap house once I started getting that cash out
Garbage bags full of weight but to my next door neighbors look like I was takin the trash out
Turn my pain and my struggle into hustlin bubble now I got that bag now
I get paid just to spazz out, lyrics so hot when I made them thank god I didnt pa** out
Whats your IQ in the streets what you gon do with this beef
Think everything cool you gon see better learn how to move with the heat
I lay right by my tool when I sleep, ready to put two in a creep
Then they cover you up with sheets, link back up with my crew then we eat

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
b**h Im a maverick, used to do magic with a pencil and a tablet
Now I got it mastered, my craft is vast and shapeless these haters cant grasp it
I been had that bag b**h, all up in traffic, flipping money like gymnastics
If sh** got as dry as a desert no joke couple n***as got poked like a cactus
Man Im too galactic never lost focus real n***as they dont get distracted
Haters not in my bracket, they gon need; Jesus, themself, and a whole lot of practice
They think they gon come up off dissing me
They cannot f** with me lyrically
I make whoever hear me remember me
I black out then I go on a k**ing spree
I got bars like they sentence me no penitentiary, I know these f** n***as sick of me
My .45 got a lemon squeeze, I be swaggin like I come from Italy
I told bro and em get money by any means
Then show them what I meant like parentheses
I made Benjamin Franklin sprint to me, we so close you would think hes some kin of me
Oh yeah I had some friends turn to enemies, then I turned Two-face into Mr. Freeze
I showed up but I didnt show no sympathy
p**y n***as got smoked like a chimney
I come from the land where its dark at
Had to learn how to swim where them sharks at
They sell rocks on the blocks all while dodgin the cops, totin Glocks and the opps who we spark at

[Chorus x3]

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 08:37