Mr. Lil One - 666

Song Rating: 9.39/10

Song lyrics:

[Mr. Lil One (Talkin)]
Ha Ha, mothaf**as
Its mothaf**in Lil One
Up here with my dawg G to P to A
We fin to f** up all 5 of you
And the rest of the world
Listen, and learn
Before you get burned

I bring it to that a**
Every time that I pa**
Never mind the past
I got the last laugh
Now everybody knows me like Gotti
Makin all this lute
With out shootin any body
Excuse you, time to verbally abuse you
Take you on a mind game
Never mind the fame
Talk about the truth
And the men that got proof
Remember all the times
You rapped my rhymes in the booth
Show you how its done
And make it worth while
Show you how its done
Mr. Lil One style
Aint no need to lie
The truth is inside of you
Aint no need to trip
Cause Ill f** up all five of you
Still I stand alone
Make it on my own
And since you did me wrong
You get your dome blown
Still I be the sickest
And I be the dopest
Biggdy boom, make way for the lokest

[Chorus: Mr. Lil One]
I come from the land where the wicked men roam
I come from the city where you best believe its on
I come from the 6-6-6-1-9
Bring it to your face and no time for me to waste

Now I see your placed your bets
So Ima put you in your place
Its GPA and Mr. Lil One
Bringin drama to your face
Call me a specialist when Im placin bombs
Hangin with ex-cons
Got ya scared cause you know its on
Scared when youre are home
Were callin d**h threats on the phone
I aughta break your jaw
Mothaf** you and the law
Mr. Lil One is comin in with the bow and arrow

Thats my evil twin
Or should I say my twin devil
Know were claimin the west
Im gettin my gun
You better be getting your vest
Me and my homie will disrespect
That a** and fis to check
380 when I bust
While I be kickin up dust
Aint no man alive I trust
Im hurtin feelins while I cuss
No remoarse at this time
Or should I say any day
Hey Little let me know when to press the button
So I can blow thier a** away
I cant aford a yhaut but a G is what I be
And these bullets I put through you
Are for disrespectin me
And with my chrome
Three 6s on your dome
I wrote this little song
Just to let you know its on
Protected custity
Regretin you ever f**ed with me
Next time you start some sh**
Dont be a little b**h and run away from me


[Mr. Lil One]
Well Im sick and Im evil
Kinda like Peshi
Pinch to your neck
If you ever disrespect me
True to the streets
Rappin over phat beats
Try to burn the little
And now your widow weeps
Heard about the streets
Mothaf**as cause riots
Heard about the beach
Mothaf**as keep quiet
The late Martin Nelly
13 on his belly
May you Rest In Peace
While your reps in the street
No about the Gs mothaf** enemies
And when they get found
Theyll be all memories
Too it from the heart
Like my homies from the park
Never mind races
Talk about faces
Fakin, breakin ever single rule
f** em all up like a PCP cool
Lil One, be the one
Bringin all the drama
Mothaf**a step and youre a goner


Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 03:55