Song Rating: 7.33/10

Song lyrics:

It feels like im livin inside a dream
Your bitches eyes light up when she sees me
Wanna song with me its gonna cost you a fee
Unless your gang or fam dont talk to me

Mvko leveled up im to focused on my divedents
Mask on my face when i walk inside your residence
Most you rappers are bitches aint bout the life that you livin put you against a pussy and man i cant tell the difference, lets go

Crime scene clean no stains
My whole team is real no fakes
Dont run your mouth run these fades
Never slowing down i got no brakes

Step up on the scene to clean im lysol
Creature of the night only out at nightfall
Your bitch at my crib and she given me that tight jaw
Bitch im always workin never takin no nights off

Got no time for haters i got 360 surveillance i can see you from a mile away
I feel like darth vader and i ball like a laker im always holdin sticks no games

Watch me make my way to the top
Never slowin down wont stop
Lets take a minute to remind you who the team is in case you all forgot

Hhm the fuckin gang
Bitch were not the fuckin same
All you motha fuckas lame
Its off with your head like icobad crane
Choppa clean you up i named it billie mays
Pull the mask up no face no case
Bitch we on that thuggin every day shit
Dont give a fuck what you say bitch

Smokin blunts till my eyes bleed
Netuh on the beat now thats a crime scene
Im untraceable you cant find me
Shutting down your servers ill track your ip

I hope all of you motha fuckas can see
Nobody wanted to rap until me
If you dont support each other then are you a team
Use your severed head as a trophy, bang

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 10:38