Nelly - Iz U

Song Rating: 7.38/10

Song lyrics:

She said iz u iz or you aint
Iz u iz or iz u aint
Iz u iz or iz u aint
Iz u iz or iz u aint
Iz u iz or iz u aint
Iz u iz or iz u aint
Iz u iz or iz u aint
Iz u iz or iz u aint

[Chorus: 2x]
She said iz you iz or iz u aint
Gon give me a ride
She said iz that chu wit the Lamborghini
Iz that yo car parked outside
Yeah thats my car girl
And if you wont to you could gon (go on)
But lemme know if its getting too late
And if not then I could catch me anotha hooo...

Yeah I heard you got a man
I aint trippin offa that, looka herre
Believe me I understand
Dont wanna break up ya lil happy home
Just wanna be a friend
(you know) Gonna pick you up and take you to lunch or sumhin
Ill leave it up to you if imma touch or sumhin
Ya wanna cut or sumhin
Ya just let me know
We aint bout no game
Now when I say we I mean the whole saint lou
We good (good) good thangs (good thangs)
Aint got no problems bout lettin em loose
Ma, i aint got no change
Big spaces out churr like a hundred yards
I got credit cards
You can charge em all (boo)
I know you heard me on yo radi-o
Now ya home right
Tryna steal my cray-z (crazy) flow
? mo unless you bitin
But im hurr to let (to let) you know (you know)
Just dont make no sense when you hatin on me
Coz what i am you tryna be
(and uuhhhh) you can find me on magic dot
Im talking in N-E-double L dot Y
I stop (stop) bombs (bombs) what the hell
You might as well
I drop (drop) bombs (bombs)
On any mof**as who aint throwin wit us
U aint throwin wit us
U aint flowin wit us
Shut the do (door) on that n***a he aint rollin wit us

[Chorus: 2x]

We spending money like whateva (whateva)
You see me poppin bottles at the bar
It feel like now or never (never)
Please dont putcha bet down mo
If it aint four or better
Im talking seein rose at da end of the road
Playboy f** what you is told and my dirty
City scoped da whole hood
We be lookin for da ones in tight jeans
Da lust (da lust) neva good
Im like the Apple Bottom high tight things
Aint disrespectin (ahhh) didnt good

I didnt cause you harm
But I was reachin for yo arm
When you walked past
And I missed and I grabbed yo a**
My bizzard
Feels like Im learnin 35
In a A3 cup in a deezoveez
Whateva I desire (desire)
I want a 600 coupe wit da laser cut key
Before (before) I retire
Baby girl I got to have it all
8 cars in a stall
Them planks down the hall
Where da draws gon fall
Coolest n***a eva seen (seen)
It aint sh** my n***a Ill show ya
Let it on out baby girl dont you know
I love to hear you scream
Wanna hit it a lil harder
Somebodys daughter
I finally caught her
Lil chicky like a fish outta water (water water)

[Chorus: 2x]

Now ladies put yo hands up
And bounce with me now
Fellas put yo hands down
And smack a lil a** with me now
Gon give that girl the eye
And tell em meet u outside
Coz we aint got nowhurr to (gooo but home)
And see about the curb (the curb)
Go on get your friends baby girl
Im likin (like it) when you swerve (you swerve)
Tell me can u drive a stick
If not (if not) can you learn (you learn)
Coz you comin on me like b**h the first time
Give me your birthdate and your birth sign (scorpio)
Same as mine
Ill meet you down the street (the street)
On natural bridge down the kings highway
We will chill in (chillin) with my peeps (my peeps)
That L-U-N-A-T-I-C
Oh you fo reel
Were not filthy rich but we could use a bath
Let a chick take half
Dont want that math
And I speak on behalf of my whole damn staff
I can see (see) what you thinkin
You know you want it as bad as I do
Tell me (tell me) what you thinkin
Pimp Juice?
Oh I got a case of that too
And that sh** stankin (stankin)
Like Cali chronic for them LA boys
That purple haze for them gla**y jars
f** Lana baby I want Mo

[Chorus: 4x]

And bounce with me now
Smack a lil a** with me now
Tell em meet you outside
Coz we got nowhere to goo... but home

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