NF - Ill Keep On

Song Rating: 9.43/10

Song lyrics:

[Hook: Jeremiah Carlson]
Oh these hands are tired
Oh this heart is tired
Oh this soul is tired
But Ill keep on
Ill keep on (x2)
Ill keep on (x3 times)

[Verse 1: NF]
Faith is something I am not accustomed to
Trusting other peoples something I dont really love to do
Ive never been a fan of it, I act tougher
Really my shoulders they aint built for this and I dont have nothing
Its like Im standing in the rain and you offer me a raincoat
But I would rather stand there and get wet wet than take the handout
Whats wrong with me? You said, youve always got your hands out
And I cant continue on my own so take my hands now
I give you everything, God, not just a little bit
Take it from me, I am nothing but a hypocrite
I hate sin, but I built a house and have to live in it
Afraid to open up the door to you n let you into it
My soul is lost and what it needs is your direction
I know, Ive told you I do not need your protection
But I lied to you, this thing is tiring
Man was not created for it, God
Please retire me now

[Hook: Jeremiah Carlson]

[Verse 2: NF]
Trust is something I am not accustomed to
And I know the Bible says I should always trust in you

But, I dont never read that book enough
And when I have a question I dont take the time to look it up
Or pick it up
It collects dust on my nightstand
Im just being honest
Please take this outta my hands
I have no control - I am just a person
But thank the Lord that I serve a God thats perfect
I do not deserve the opportunity youve given me
I never knew what freedom was until I learned what prison means
I am not ashamed, I dont care if they remember me
My life will always have a hole, if You are not the centerpiece
Take me out of bondage, take all of my pride
If I dont have a Savior, I dont have nothing inside
Take all of my lust, take all of my lies
Theres no better feeling then when I look in the sky, in your eyes
Its amazing

[Hook: Jeremiah Carlson]

Woah woah woah
Woah woah woah
Woah woah woah
Ill keep on
Ill keep on
Ill keep on (3x)

Ill keep on (3x)

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