Oscar Brown, Jr. - Ladiesman by Oscar Brown, Jr.

Song Rating: 7.54/10

Song lyrics:

Back as a boy I longed to be
The fellow women loved to see
And have them all consider me
A Ladiesman
I dreamed of Jeannie with delight
And Mary moanin in the night
As I became with all my might
A Ladiesman
Developed into a fuller flower
This throbbing thrust of manly power
Consumed my every waking hour
A Ladiesman
I felt the urge, that awful itch
It mounted to a fever pitch
I had me girls no matter which
A Ladiesman
Ah, but the hottest fever cools
Those who dont face that fact are fools
For like all men time overrules
A Ladiesman
What once was warm began to chill
As father time enforced his will
Until I wondered am I still
A Ladiesman?
At first I tried to hide my loss
Pretending I was still the boss
With girls whod never come across
A Ladiesman
But they moved with too swift a step
I needed patience more than pep
To keep alive my fading rep
A Ladiesman
Dont get me wrong now, I not dead
My shoulders hold a damn good head
So joy has not completely fled
A Ladiesman
But it can never be the same
The vigors vanished from my game
For reminiscing, can you blame
A Ladiesman?
I look back at the life Ive led

What would my powers have got, instead
Had I not shot so much in bed
A Ladiesman?
What tricky trade might I have tried
Had I not laid pre-occupied
But then whose ever satisfied
A Ladiesman?
The women I laid, frequently
Each in her heart held secretly
That she was really making me
A Ladiesman
A woman feels, a man may guess
That she conceals beneath her dress
A trap in which she can possess
A Ladiesman
She throws the bait, she shows the lure
Theres no escaping, thats for sure
Youre never really free when youre
A Ladiesman
Each fellow follows his own star
But take no appetite too far
Thats sound advice, in case you are
A Ladiesman
But you call all this sour grapes
Devote yourself to willing rapes
And never mind what all escapes
A Ladiesman
Oh, you must feel betrayed by age
Im reading from a later page
You cant hear me at your stage
A Ladiesman
Therefore, my boy, enjoy your prime
Until your fateful date with time
When no longer can you claim, Hey Im
A Ladiesman
Hey, theres a beauty, you agree?
Has quite a body, hasnt she?
Well, sock it to her once for me!
A Ladiesman

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