PNC - Jonah 95

Song Rating: 7.78/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse 1: PNC]

Still all about the peso
Will body anyone thats on the Worldstar or Ayebro
Getting love when I come around the way
Rolling down the avenue its like the car is a parade float
Stay woke never on siesta
In the North Face coat, lining polyester
Sitting at the mid court, right by Corey Webster
What you think i rap for? to drive a Ford Fiesta?
Nope, beast mode since a teen bro
Since I drunk drove with my people in the Evo
Cured a hangover doing bombs at the Lido
Bumpin Hovito songs, till the sun was finito
Now overseas is what Im striving for
To live the life my mothers always been fighting for
Father never paid a dollar on the child support
Wouldnt take the call if he hollered on the life support
Sometimes blood isnt thick enough
They used to say I wasnt a Blood or Crip enough
Never had the d** from a plug i was flipping, but
All I know is its still music funds that Im living off
I could never care what you chumps say
My girl came off a runway, your girls face is like Gunplays
Take em to church, thats not only on the Sundays
Fans tithen my jams, every gods got to fundraise
I dont rate the Facebook rappers
Lying about catching cases when they stay shook rappers
No business mind and get their pay took rappers
Always bite and try to swipe your playbook rappers
Get this sh** out of my iPod
Your clips are comedy skits to all of my squad

Pulling trigger fingers like your coming out of Chiraq
When all your crew amounts to is about 300 try hards
Talking like your chopping up bricks
Only bricks that youve got are all the shots that youve missed
Tagging fakewatchbusta about whats on your wrist
If this is your story i hope the plots got a twist
Because the narrative is shaky bro
And youre not making bread, i heard your pockets been on paleo
So keep the faking for the radio
With accents taken from Jamaica to LA I know
Its hard for you to tell your history
Youd rather write a script and try hide it in mystery
Get burnt at fifth degree if man ever want it with me
Cause to an ANZAC rhymer Im Gallipoli
Im putting all of you folk on blast
Your ship sailed, then sunk, i saw the broken mast
I do this for the people stuck in overdraft
The pressure makes you want to jump off of an overpa**
We in the red, id rather all of my brothers rich
Shoutout to Fortafy, at least he made the Colour Switch
And I stay spitting it wondrous
Theres no hiatus for this position of governance
sh** its been a motherf**ing journey
From since I started running round with dirty
So fly, we been ripping the stars down
Im Sydney with the bars now, shut it down early
I wonder whos gonna define us
Divisive minds or guys standing behind us
Clothing labels hated, & now theyre trying to sign us
But my future just aint with those designers
The quotes known to polarise
I see the hoax theyre all holding behind their eyes
Yea, back full of spite, tell these cats on the mic
That Im still Jonah 95

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 15:21