Pryde - All The Way Up (RUSSMIX)

Song Rating: 7.87/10

Song lyrics:


Valour suit like its 02
Im still f**in up the function like Im suppose to. f** Gucci FlipFlops, I just sweet talked your hoe dude. And backed her wearing a dad hat and boat shoes. My whole clique we dont lose. I was bulit to f** the competition up. If somebody hatin I aint roughin up with fists and cuts. I just get my gwola up. Get money on em little f**s. I just get down, you pick her up. So s** up on my yellow nuts, Im all talent. If you aint f**in with RICHVALE, eat a ball salad. We da best, oh we da best, you can call Khaled. You a king but you be royal in a small palace. Get a hall pa** cause you aint walking free without your boys permission. Your boys aint f**in man, you still need some supervision. Just hopped up in your girlfriends car, like that sh** was just an Uber. She a savage cause her hoopdy hoof was missing. You should listen, this is light work. I aint gotta try up on the remix. RICHVALE Gang, we the mafia like Three 6. If you dont like me, I got numbers for you f**ers. You can s** like 1, 2, 3 dicks. RUSSELL

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 06:15