Purpan - My Heart

Song Rating: 8.28/10

Song lyrics:

I got this cute thick Italian chick she from the sticks she say Crosby what made love me like this? All the gifts are excess
I said I learned from my ex and if I treat you the opposite then well be a success
Driving four hours a week just so I can caress give a f** with them hoes thinking I couldnt care less
Cause in my eyes youre like the symbol of perfection can this be life?
I dreamed about her with my kids boy could this be wife? sh** Im just 20 i got a long way to go

But Im hoping that my baby stick around for the show
Because the series finale could be somewhere in Cali
Sun shining on the alter with the doubters below
Look I wont lie I know I f**ed up a couple decisions
And yea we going through some sh** name a couple that isnt
But when you stop and close your eyes who you see in your vision?
Stop playing come and see me the one that you missing

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 15:23