R2DaEz - Another One

Song Rating: 9.79/10

Song lyrics:

Verse 1:
Blue label and some cargos
Im feeling unapproachable
Oh this sh** is that bounce huh
Aint that what its supposed to do?
This a swish of Lebrons wrist
Imma guaranteed go huh?
Swisher Sweet atom bomb sh**
This sh** about to blow uh
You a Trevor to a Michael
But Im G like Franklin
Blowing Kermit gettin Miss Piggy
Muh Phukka bring the bank in
Daddy bringing home the bacon
But I let somebody girl cook it
Now she at my crib in my refrigerator
But the meal is being overlooked ayye
Now my drift thats an out one
We on the couch turnt here I come bounce one
Yeah its music on neighbors like turn it down
Not the tunes cause we burning loud
And getting money
Phukkin b**hes getting money
I think I need another one

Verse 2:
In the ring swinging blindly
These could land on anybody
What you mean I aint famous?
b**h I just dont be around anybody
I mean you seen my flicks lately?
Oh Lord you dont even see it
They say a pictures worth a thousand words
But one is worth stacks if that words a secret uh
Girl go ahead and frame me
Ill have the windows out your car busted
With a note like #ButGoodMorninTho
And a vente of Starbucks mmm
You know you love it when you taste it

But you aint eat it in days
Imma profit
Im feeling good Im feeling paid
Late nights and early mornings
I rip my calender and break day
One shot
Tell the bartender make way
I got money
We get faded and get money
I think I need another one

Verse 3:
Ayo aint you so and so
They dont even know the half
Im talking South Street mobbing
Hey can I have your autograph?
Yeah Im like sure do you got a pen?
Im the man I dont smeer my ink
I done lost my mind though
Somewhere around here I think
Oh if you find it can you call me
Heres my number if you cross my mind
Oops said the same sh** to both freaks
So if you call I might cross the line hmmm
At the hotel in both suites
Two places at the same time
Thats a Twix I get both sweets
And now both of them claim they mine mmm
I might put you on my taxes
Ill take of you money in the mattress
Im up early Im on my rooster sh**
Two chicks cockll do this sh**
We gettin money
Two b**hes in the telly
But holluh
b**h I think I need another

Turtle Ez
Villa HF b**h

Date of text publication: 18.01.2021 at 20:42