Rasta - Babylonian - Melody and Words (120Bars)

Song Rating: 7.22/10

Song lyrics:

{Verse 1 : OKIZONA }

No mic check no rehearse
Imagination I make use
The world is a zoo house
Im about to break loose
The world is a loo house
Im about to take poo
Hubert Ogunde theatrical breakthrough
I embrace the moment as the music takes me
I escape the torment as the music saves me
So embrace it as the music takes you
So escape it as the music saves you

{Bridge : OKIZONA }

All he gives to the people is
All we hear from the preacher is
Melody and Words
Youre saved by Jesus
All he gives to the people is
All we hear from the preacher is
Melody and Words
Youre saved by Jesus

{Verse 2: OKIZONA }

Melody and Words
In my mind its like a war
I asked myself who I was
I asked myself who I was
I personify art
No person denies that
My person revives craft
Im certain like thats that
Its a dog eat dog world
And cat eat cat
The earth is a large ma**
A troubadours traverse
No energy is lost
And nature is a box
So Im here till I Methuselah
Puffing on the loud like vuvuzela
My dance floor is on the ceiling
My mantra, believing
Life for the living
Zion , heaven, garden, Eden
Paradise chilling
Chilling freezing
Im a man of all seasons
I rap for odd reasons
Hustle divine
Muscle , a twine
Forgivers divine
Forgetting , a crime
Im snorting on the line
Demon in the swine
Angels in the sky
Let the ladybird fly
Sweet and sour electronics
It taste like lime
Its so sublime
I define , I refine
No symbols, no sign
I resign to the status of a star in his prime
The ocean is the color of the skies
Emotion is the mother of disguise
Im obsessed with mountains
Im obsessed with heights
I meditate to rhyme
Its a complex design
This is composition
Above your comprehension
Theory says hearing be the first step to comprehension
So success is yours
As you indulge with Gods
Whether home or abroad
Check the meaning of my words
And clench unto them
Pump up your fist
Tat my name on your skin
But not the mark of the beast
Im tentatively in peace
Till the day I rest in peace
Everyday I rest with chicks
Its melody and words
OKAY check this one
Im curiosity in mars
I dont rover all you peeps
Im high and Im steep
Edge of a cliff

With language I drift
My story a myth
No tailor , Im swift
Im a mystic with no lyrics
Im a spirit with no gimmicks
Elusive extrinsic
Exclusive intrinsic
Content explicit
Addictive as cigarettes
Slowly I digress
But mostly as I vex
Tyson , I bite ears
Turn thoughts to Ideas
From ideas I fight fears
Then k** them and hide them
Right there Im righteous
As high up as Zaccheus
I see above the weather
I see the future
Sitting opposite a sumo wrestler on a sea-saw
Mind-travel no visa
With Mona and Lisa
And pottage for Esau
With his hair on my body Im prepared for winter
Devil is a ghost
Judgment day is a hoax
Everlasting life
Lets have a toast
Ill sleep off to punk
Wake up to funk
Do some jazz
Blow up some skunk
Im dreaded like aliens or Ziggy or Damien
My pa**ion a payment
My fashion a statement
No rights No wrong
Nicer than folk songs
Wiser than folklores
Things wouldnt fall apart if Okonkwo could just smoke more
But there was no room or cocoon
So he hanged himself like so soon
Ill fill your mind with memories of some old tunes
Whether bad or good
No reggae spoil blues or vice versa
As a last resort
Ill tell you what life is
And what life is not

{Bridge : OKIZONA }

All he gives to the people is
All we hear from the preacher is
Melody and Words
Youre saved by Jesus
Melody and words
Youre saved by Jesus

{Verse 3 OKIZONA}

Music flattens all my contours
Brings tears to my eyes like onions
Romanticism Im Wordsworth
My texture My gesture
My ballad , a lecture
Majestical tenure
Poetical Splendor
History , My vendor
Im sipping purple lavender
As stoic as Enya
As joyous as India
Or Bollywood or Nollywood or Hollywood
As long as I break fast like morning food
Sweet Mama Sativa
Mary-Jane is My diva
Im bearded like professor
You heard me like confessor
Im researching My thesis
Perfecting My essence
Genuflect in My presence
Jah gave me the blessing now
Im an authorized personnel
Melody and words
I pray My music lives forever
Melody and Words
The phenomenon I discovered
Okizona be the realest
Melody and Words
Youre saved by Jesus
Its God Gang , believe us
One twenty bars
No be beans bros

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