Red Rum 781 - Shuda Beena B-Dog

Song Rating: 7.85/10

Song lyrics:

Ay what up Loc? Hey where you from homeboy?
Kelly Park Compton Crip
Ay well n***a this blood n***a! (BOOM BOOM BOOM - BOOM)

[Verse 1: Red Rag]
How could a Crab go up against a Dog?
Dogs got paws and fag Crabs got claws
Pinchin on B-Dog n***as like b**hes
And Im that Dog that buries Crabs in the ditches
Cover em up and flex back to my doghouse
The hard Rock Bottoms where the M gang hang out n***a
Nick nack paddy whack give a Crab a bone
Dont give a sh** bout a funeral home
Yeah I just love it when an E-Ricket falls
Fool, thats the life of a B-Dog

[Verse 2: Dogg]
Down a Crab like a bottle of C-B
Inglewood Gangstas, W-D-Z
Throwin up the C, what the f** you sign!?
Puffin on a blunt goin outta my mind
The O.G. Dogg is rollin Rickets like a Cutla**
Ill put one in your a**
And leave your body buttless
Welcome to the C-K rag city
Showin a Crab like AWOL no pity
No sk**ed b**h soundin like Dr. Seuss
A-W-O-L: a wolf on the loose
Shouldve Beena B-Dog

[Verse 3: Lil Leak AKA C-K]
Shouldve Beena B-Dog, punk this is Piru
f**s Smelly Marks, Nappy Heads, Long b**h and Tragniew
Here I go again about to straight dis
I got my plate all fixed for some Eggs Toast and Grits
b**h-made n***a now you know who I am
Slammin Rickets on their back but my name aint Van Damme
Im jinxin muthaf**as like a gypsy
And if you want me
Fool, youre gonna have to come and get me
Hit me up and Imma smoke you with my C-K gat
You Shouldve Beena B-Dog b**h and its like that

[Verse 4: RedRum 781]
n***as haulin me off and its a holocaust comin down
Automatic gun sounds terrorize the whole town
n***as dont suspect that Imma hit em with some hot lead
Unloadin my sh**, makin sure that they all dead
Wearin my color, representin the Blood gang
I can take a Crab and turn him into a blood stain
The voices in my head tryin their best to command me
They claim that Im insane cause they dont understand me
Lil Stretch comin in with a roll call
f** all Crabs, yall Shouldve Beena B-Dog

[Verse 5: Lil Stretch]
Now I can start off fast, or I can start off slow
But the real gangstas know which way I should go
Well now the Hunters is deep, and ya know thats right
O.G.s from the 4, the homie Tee and Half Pint
Small as a muthaf**a, aint takin no sh**
And the homie from the Ace my dog Big Rick
C-K Bone from the Duece, Chill Will from the Fo
Lil Stretch and P-Dogg from the FIVE aint no joke
The Hunters in town and we bringin the noise
Along with the Hacienda Village Boys
But now its time for me to talk about the k**as
[?] but cant forget about the Millers
B-S-P, I-F-G and the Denver Lanes
H-2-Os, Scotts Dale and the East Pain
Lueders Park, N-H-B is comin right is at
Show you where its at, N-H-Ps and the Kabbage Patch
B-B-P, B-S-V, a Hundred-Tramp-Five
Cant forget about the Pirus on the West Side
M-S-B, Q-S-B and the V-N-Gs
Fruit Town Brims, Lime Hoods and the Elm Street
C-P-P, H-P-G and the Athens Park
Mel through the Jungles wont make it if its after dark
V-T-P, Five Deuces and the Fruit Town
Walk through Harvard Park and you might get beat down
Weirdo Bloods, C-M-Gs and the Tree Top
East Side Pueblo n***as and the Cedar Block
Lil Stretch Dog is finished with the roll call
And f** all Crabs cause you Shouldve Beena B-Dog

Just dont let me see you shootin them Dogs

Date of text publication: 18.01.2021 at 03:01