Reign - 678

Song Rating: 8.43/10

Song lyrics:

Im a little rusty but...Ima do the thing where I rhyme the words

Excuse my aroma, I smell like a diploma
This rap sh** done turned a college boy to a grown up
Cause Reign make it thunder in your city, Oklahoma (Oklahoma City Thunder)
And Im sicker than a n***a with lymphoma in a coma
Some rappers talking tough, slow down on your coronas
n***a I dont give a f**, I barely even have a boner
It goes to show ya that my town is on lock
Now these girls is starting rumors putting rulers to my ____, she say its!

Now baby, Im just playing....or really maybe not, though
Couple of yall know, but I wont put you on the spot though
Back home they wanting kisses but I never spin the bottle
Rather be an a**hole than a rapper catching mono
Now everybody I know, say Im hotter than pablono
b**h Im colder than Toronto on a flight to Colorado
A little lonely but Im never desperado
I just check my playbook and call a quarterback swallow

On Facebook she deleted Alex James
But hey toots, you forgot to unlike Reign... f**in ironic
But its really my fault, I mean, damnit, I bought it
Thats why I need a smart girl thatll work hard
Some of these b**hes could get fired from a blow job
Dont show me titties, Id rather see your report card
And whats the capital of we dont want no slow broads
And for the rappers praying that Im losing
Yall b**hes can kiss my crack, and I aint talkin Whitney Houston

Bring em to a battle, bet I maim these n***as
They just want me on a track, cause I trained these n***as

You know, like train tracks?

And these muhf**as is in a panic cause Reigns back
Taking shots, just to get some recognition
I could school these s**as, come back and pay they tuition, but
Retaliation would only be doing favors
So Ill son these haters later, DreamTeam Darth Vader
And she wanna see my saber, put her hands around my navel
Baby, stop, my girls crazy and shes probably gotta taser

Now Ima k** em, Ima k** em, just watch me
And if you dont like it, mothaf**a try to stop me
And if you do like it, well great!
I avoid confrontation in any possible way
Yo I was just simply saying that I could disintegrate
And obliterate or eviscerate, shelfing n***as like dinner plates
Im spitting great, yet dudes claiming they hate Reign
Probably cause they b**hes use me like the shake weight

Probably cause Im just spittin whats in my heart right?
Its afternoon and Ive already had a long night

They call it heart break, its more like a shark bite
I swear to God I just started learning to walk right
But by tomorrow Ill could teach you how to Dougie
Steady looking for a Barbie but Im always pulling Chuckies
But that Bacardi got me feeling so invincible
She feeling naughty, Im just feeling hypocritical
End of they day, my hometowns where Ill stay
Man yall already know Im from that 678, like


Im spectacular, listen to my vernacular
I see your chick pa**in and turn that girl to a pa**enger
Yeah, I could automatically ma**acre
She say my swagger is what had always attracted her
But in fact, as we rolling around the avenue
Something tells me that nobody here is bad as you
See the pa**ion in you eyes, I know you see it to
Lets have a toast to the lies... me and you

Date of text publication: 18.01.2021 at 03:52