Retro Spectro - S.T.A.N.

Song Rating: 7.59/10

Song lyrics:

[Intro: RetroSpectro]
Yo Make sure yall follow me on twitter at Retro_Spectro_
Its ya Boy Jay noooooooootes!
Where my background singer star kid?
You know how that go

[Verse 1: RetroSpectro]
Look, walk in, feet clean
Model chick, side hoe try to intervene
Im me, Im too real
Get a bottle, pay the bill
Drop top, on a Range Rover
Got green with me, Like a four leaf clover
Deer Park, got to hydrate
Billboards, Myspace
Red leather, red wraith
Talk hard, get a red face
Use caution, when you at the top
Red light, so we gotta stop
Dab Daddy, Dab king
Double line, dont switch lanes
Mac Book, with the Bag Book
I mean book bag, toe tag
I phone, Drum pad
Turn it up, speakers blast
Tripod, three legs
Living room, but they all dead

[Verse 2: RetroSpectro]
Light switch, turn it off
Smoke weed, gotta cough
All night, on sight
Blue sky, blue kite
Rooftop, penthouse, face to face
You a church mouse
Bed sheet, with a cover too

When im in the cut you know i
Gotta have a cup or two
Trucker Hat, Trigger happy
Dreads lock and my dreads nappy
Pour up when im feeling crappy
Im on a schedule lets make it snappy
Two arms, two hands, all white like the ku klan
Ten fingers with ten toes
Two eyes, one nose
Phone dead, no charge
Big house, big yard
Back flip, fork spoon
Twelve o clock, afternoon
Cellphone with a phone case
New show at her new place
Old money with a new whip
Belt loop , phone clip
Night time, Dark sky
Big booty with thick thighs
I tell the truth, I dont Lie
Dirty Room pig sty

[Outro: RetroSpectro]
Aye I didnt wanna give yall too much man
But you know Im saying when retro get on the track
You know he gotta do, what he gotta do
You already know its JUST SOMETHING LIGHT
You know we dress for the seasons
Got my boy star kid in the back with me
You already know how that go
Star kids to the right with me
You already know how that go
Star kids over there in the corner
You know how that go
Aye, LeanSquad The best!

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 08:59