Robert Yager - C.o.d m.w 2 vs overwatch

Song Rating: 8.73/10

Song lyrics:

Intro:Reaper:Reaper is here now...its time to die!!

Imma stand tall or fall, victim of being caught by bots, so id rather rot than get eatn by bots

When it does i pack up and hit the road
Cuz i dont want to see your head implode
Toss me a Glock 9 and ill toss you a dead person
Add a buck you get a mug shot with him
But the gypsy says on with the show
I got a hollow point tip for your whole weak a** clique
Dont trip

Ghost: Im a ghost from disaster u heartless bastard
I dont need any guns i can stab knives in your lungs
I have invisability, agility, and the capability to bring you
To your knees...

I have got a lemon to a lime a lime to a lemon
A sympathetic d**h with all the fine women
Autograph pictures and cla**y hoes...

Reaper: yo holmes get out the way
I be k**ing mother f**ers from here to l.a

Ghost:keep your head down n put your gun up
Cuz youll need a whole lot of sense and a whole lot of luck

Reaper:dont test me cause u dont want to arrest me
Yo. visit the grave yard day of my d**h
Come back and burry all you mother f**ers who next...

Ghost:i got a mad group of k**a sh** hittn tha streets...
Dead poetry beats banging freedom and peep...
I know you hate me but my god is stronger... i watch my adversaries burn with the flames that i caused

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 00:16