Sir Dyno - 114% Buster

Song Rating: 7.35/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse 1 - Sir Dyno]
I walk into a tienda
A vato doggin me
And before I speak a word the skrapa tells me:
where you from ese?
Claiming sur Cali por vida
My muscles flex cause I knewa ha ha ha
It was on, I reach into my creased pants
How you gonna hit up norteño in the vicinity of the Norte ese?
Wa**up I put my cuete back for later
And I preceded to hit the vato with my two Hay Makers
Simon, I see the blood drippin down my fists
I love it his homeboys shot some ballas but they all miss
I got caranales and I saw his red paños flying
Love to see the sight of these sewer rat skrapas dying
The smell of victory was all up in the air
When the pigs cuff me up, I was laughing I didnt care
go ahead take me to the pinta
So I can murder me some more skrapas

[Verse 2 - Tokztero]
They calling us busters, cause they cant trust us
Murderous, and we scandalous, cutless
So organized, and im shooting first
My thirst for sangres quenched when my cuete bursts and Im hungry
Tore up from the floor up, gang signs Im throwin up
The big Norte, simon, is blowing up
Thats right, carnal, show em what its all about
Motherf**ing skrpas cant hear me, so I gots to shout
When Im representing, fool

Were representing, I see he sit to piss like a heina then he sh**ted
A punk a** skrapa, dreams he could stop a
Down norteño but we always end up on top-a
A leva, from the sewer, real vatos coming fewer
If I see the finest skrapa b**h - I wouldnt do her
A bit of northern hospitality, with this northern exposure
In the northern hemisphere - a soldier

A skrpa - no I cant trust her!
Im just a 114% buster. (x4)

[Verse 3 - Tokztero]
Puro Norte, were k**ing skrapas dead
Stabbing them putos straight in the back of the head
Were letting you know, you trespa** on my land
You gots to go and there no way you can win
And Body bags filled up with ratas
Were gagging their mouth, cover em with red caras
Hoping the b**h doesnt scream a little bit louder
Ill have to drown his face in some white powder
XIV to eternity, flamin up and representin is all that matters to me
Men like a chavala, Ill take out your main shot caller
You so scandalous I bet you give it for a dollar
Catorces what I bang, and Nortes where I hang
My best qualities shines through when I gang bang

Thats right carnal, show these putos what its all about - that big Norte

[Repeat Chorus]

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