Sk**z k**z - Ima Diss You

Song Rating: 8.75/10

Song lyrics:

(Hook) yo Kol ima diss you ya ima diss you. You think youre da best but you aint
(Verse 1) you stupid I hate you ya made me step in dat dog crap you called me Hitler and Ill hit ya back comin to ya neighborhood got an ak and I aint afraid to use it. Cuz Im gonna rek u cuz all ya got are ya fists which I can twist just like dis I know dat you think you can fly but I gotta a get dis guy

(Verse 2) Hey Kol you think you da best because you play hockey but I can beat you at soccer anyday you always brag about yo medals dat are gold cuz if ya keep doin dat you gonna turn into mold now I aint fightin cuz Im just dissing you. (Rekt)
(Verse 3) Im gonna rek u cuz u so annoying and I hate to see ya poking everything like a grade oner you are afraid of people to see ya hair so you hide in ya hat like a bat. Ya ya ya dont mess wit me cuz Im da best
(Outro) Ima rek u X5 Dis iz a diss

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 13:06