SOB x RBE (DaBoii) - Cant Tame US

Song Rating: 8.69/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse 1:]
Young wild n***as and we straight from Vallejo
Bought two chops, named em Keenan & Kel (all that)
Angel on my neck, red bottoms straight from hell
Hit the b**h, send her home, Im delivering the mail (Im delivering the mail)
Neiman Marcus shopping, I aint look for no Jordans (aint looking for no Jordans)
Boy when I shop, Balenciagas Im exploring
I pull up the scene they stop and stare cause Im important
KD with the chop, run up and Im scoring
Aint talking bout chores, Im aggressive with the mop
Treat a n***a like a jumper, he talk crazy
You love to take her shopping, she just love to give me top
Swipe her for the blue strips, and I aint talking bout a fox
Tints on the buffs, oh my god, Im untouchable
Tryna shake my hand, little n***a i dont f** with you
Make a n***a strip, make his girlfriend uncomfortable

1 phone call, and my shooter, hell bust at you
40 with the stick, make it bounce like a pogo
Red on the gooth, make it lean like a cholo
Take a n***a b**h, guess Im riding with a stolo
You hard with yo n***as, Im the same when Im solo
s**a pulled up, he was tryna start a fight, I couldnt even function, I was higher than a kite
Told that n***a beat it, R.I.P that n***a Mike, he pulled some hoe sh**, I pulled out that all black 9
On a money hunt, where the f** them bands at?
n***as ran up, choppas made him ran back
Oh they finna shoot, n***as better stand back
Chris with the chop, and I aint talking hand clap
Hold On
Lemme refill my tank up
Brody in the back, you walk by, keep yo chain tucked
Dont bring yo main around me unless you wanna get yo main f**ed
And all my n***as animals, little n***a you cant tame us
Onna Gang

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 02:15