Soulja Slim - Best West sh**

Song Rating: 8.31/10

Song lyrics:


Smoking on that best sh**
That out west sh**
Some of that hurt your chest sh**
When you test

[Verse 1]
Look Im going my a** back to Cali, better believe
When Snoop D-O-double G [?] me two for three
Thats that fire, straight up head banger
I dont do nothing but take it like a
They say that sh** substitute mine
Used to be dope habbit, if it is
Not a day go bye cause I gots to have it
You cant tell me I aint balling dog
When you see me, [?] living in New Orleans dog
Run game quick on an out of towner
[?] quarter pounder, regular sh**

Old lame a**, good boy
My projects aint nothing like your hood, boy
So knock on wood, boy

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2]
We riding in a rental car, low key
Me and Trinity heading toward the East with two freaks
b**h, we going to LaQuinta Inn, Im VIP
When you finish smoking [?] s** me to sleep
Now I dont wanna f** tonight, p**y aight
Its just something about that mouth got a n***a [?]
But shell never know Im whipped she know Im psyched
Cause I get my dick s**ed every other night
Thats all I need is some best west sh**
And two [?] b**h in love with the dick
I want me a true b**h, true player of the year
Dick thrower, cut throater, best west smoker


Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 21:16