Spark Master Tape - M80

Song Rating: 9.68/10

Song lyrics:

Who crazy? Im crazy
These kids need an M80
Just to walk safe to they KGs
And we still smoking that crack
My brother dead, he aint comin back
Wanna G like me just to run it back
But we dont give a f** they just stabbed his a**
For a new snap back, beats, and a back pack
Now I pack a double pack of two back pack pack for any rapper
Gang banger, mother f**a tryin to slang on my street
And any hoes trying to stand on my street
We been in the hood for so long
My stoop got an imprint of all
My k**as standing real tall
And yeah, united we fall

I was born in hell, how could sh** get worse?
And on my moms Imma get this paper til my knees dont church
(Swag) And When I say that sh** it means sumn
Ever since the world didnt end I figured
That my life might actually mean sumn
Bred out the apocalypse
Mayan gods aint stoppin this
I fell, but I landed. Im on top of this
World heart break, dinner plate shot with piss
Now Im back in a muzzle flash
And I got my oven hot
As I light my Molotov with a ton of cash
And my team never soft
Stay cocked with some rocks, propane
And that fresh full of thunderclaps

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 18:27