Struggle - Satellites

Song Rating: 8.60/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse 1: Ounze Zilla]
When the hammer hits the pin
U cant duck, So u mother f**ers better put your hands up, u hate the Phoenix room illa, come & get the k**a from a known drug dealer, all my life been plantin seeds, been down on my luck but now Im back on my feet, now days my gra** is greaner money back if theres seeds in the diesel. Reapin the benifits of a fruit from a crop, grown up in the attic up under kilowatts, new city next show new watch, coast to coast and then back to the block, outside the box, Thinkin over night flights and private stocks, tell her get it wet than ride my cock, Im Thinkin of money when Im lookin up at the clock, hustle hard for the ends Im bout to get, Im livin now growin old with no regrets, really wanna do it, dont talk just k** em, I aint hard to find b**h, @1zilla, get the K with the hell fire n I ride out, send a hundred 7.6.2s thru your hide out, k**in the witnesss so the cops dont find out so fly on the rise, sky bound.. I used to be Thinkin bout makin money of the books, now Im handlin bussiness I graduated from a crook I dont have no patience, or idle time to be wasting, get to the money thru navigation in my space ship, I dont wanna talk b**h loop my beat wipin the fingerprints off of 223s, Imma felon already still gotta pay my lease, Im tryin to figure whose watchin m who moved my cheese..

[Hook: Drum Major]
All of my life
Planted seeds
In the spotlight Im gonna be
Now were up so high outter space
Get up, get up, get, get up, get up, get down

[Verse 2: Yelawolf]
Pray for the people, pray for the people
Yea motherf**er Im awake and illegal-ly
Drivin a Caprice in the streets, you better stay on the sidewalk cause Im evil
When I take a sip of Jack, Im an eagle
Soarin thru the club like I dont see you
Yea whatever, its nice to meet you, f** you, I dont really care or need you
To be a fan, or shake my hand, or tell me Im the man cause Im off the needle
Cause I brought a earthquake to the birthplace of Jay-Z & the Village People

New York never seen me comin
Cops in the park never seen me runnin
Treat a rapper like a p**y hole, f** em all, f** em raw
Yea, I dont even need a woman, no homo
Clowns jumpin up out they cars for me, go Bozo
Had to get it all for myself, cause nobody was ready to stand up I go solo
Used to be where them hoes dont go
Now they wanna roll, and Im like No ho
Oh no b**h, better get a dildo, better yet, pull a dollar out your bill-fold
What you got on my gas?, I mean for real
Im a dirty whiteboy rollin wit a buncha whiteboys in West Nashville
Thats real, thats real, thats still my roots
And I got mud still on my boots
And I might walk into your livin-room, steal your broom
And leave my tracks for proof, the track is proof


[Verse 3: Struggle]
No poker face, Ill show you what card I play, do u really wanna see whats up my sleeve besides my Cartier, its hard to say what you would do on my block, u couldnt walk in my shoes so why the f** you wearin my socks, my team has been here, my people are pioneers, now Im surrounded by a buncha fake smiles, veneers, that Lear jet still isnt here yet, they runnin blind cause they can see that ima clear threat, put your hands up, bubba this a stick up
Ima breath of fresh air... Hick up
No pick up, miss us with that okie doke
Outlaw till I croke your heart is softer than an artichoke, Im okay buddy, I can buy my stake, cause when this cheddar comes I dont want you eatin off my plate, Im not irate I just take pride in my shattered life, Im up so high you can not see me, Satellites

Date of text publication: 18.01.2021 at 13:25