Technickel - Wanna Be A Baller Remix

Song Rating: 8.81/10

Song lyrics:

Wanna be a baller, shot caller
20 inch blades on the Impala
Caller, gettin laid tonight
Swisha rolled tight, gotta sprayed by Ike
I hit the highway, makin money the fly way
But theres gotta be a better way
Better way, better way, yeah

[Verse 1]
Now lemme pause, before this track gets chewed up
Cuz I just wanna say that its so screwed up
That we lost tha Hawkins, brothers both gone
But I aint cryin, cuz they deserve to go home
They some legends foreal, and thats what I wanna do
Im just tryna entertain no matter who Im talkin to
Im havin dreams bout gold teeth and gold chains
84s on tha car and swerve thru both lanes
I wanna be a baller but its hard where Im from
Sometimes tha bright side gets dark where Im from
In this 501, stay southern forever, mayne
Call me a yung star cuz I Gots To Be Everything
I wanna be tha one callin tha shots
Fall in tha spot and get love from tha ballers and bops
I want yall to feel this in ya Head & Shouldaz
And you gon be Diggin Da South when its over


[Verse 2]
I wanna be, somebody somebody can look up to
Little kids gon know my name
Haters gon look at me, eyes sayin f** you
But I guess thats what comes with tha fame

I guess we all wanna be what we not
And none of them wanna see us get hot
You need somebody to hate on, Im all yours
What tha f** can I say mayne, we all stars
In this AR we some true Gs
We aint rich, we aint spendin no two Gs
We just roll up and attract a few Bs
But we cant be focused on these H-O-Es
Like UGK, we stay Super Tight
But if you from tha south they cla**ify you as a stupid type
I need yall to feel this in ya bones
Cuz somebody gotta put on for my home


[Verse 3]
Im crawlin all over tha beat
And Im ballin, a charge wont knock me off my feet
Boys be callin potential buyers on that cell
Never fallin, I aint tryna go to hell
Im just thinkin of a master plan to get riches
I aint goin easy, boy, Im tryna leave some f**in stitches
In these muthaf**in snitches just for doin what they do
They got nothin on me but they tellin on my dudes
Drop a dime and get dropped, thats straight up
Im tryna make it fast, cuz life dont wait up
Even when sh** was down, like a dope fiend, I stayed up
When Im gone Ill call God and tell him open tha gates up
Ima baller, hit them fadeaways but never fade up
Shinin in tha dark, never put a shade up
I need yall to feel me foreal, Im sincere
If I dont make it at least you people gon love me while Im here


Date of text publication: 18.01.2021 at 19:50