The Beatnuts - Lick the p**y

Song Rating: 8.60/10

Song lyrics:

Mmm yeah, I bet youre dying to take out your cock and f** me
Arent you? (Mmm hmm) Dont you wanna f** me? (Mmm hmm)
But first...

Aiight, and away we go
You got the World Famous Kool with the smooth-a** flow
Speaking about what I get with or stick on the reg
Got you running round in circles fiending for the third leg
But baby, dont you go yet, cause you aint really strong
You havent even had a taste of my motherf**ing tongue
I say motherf**er cause your mommy was a victim
Your cousins, sisters, aunts, oh yeah I licked em
I tricked em and they all come back for the treats
But I dont eat the cake before I frost the feet
And you get weak like S W to the V
Soaking wet victim in between my J sheets
And aint no freak could lick you up and down better
Even if his tongue was silk, he couldnt get you wetter
Find space on my face, give me all that you got
So I can get up close and kiss that pretty twat

(Lick the p**y)
Psycho Les like to (Lick the p**y)
My man Rob like to (Lick the p**y)
Rik man like to (Lick the p**y)
My little brother Devine like to (Lick the p**y)
Yeah, Lucien like to (Lick the p**y)
V.I.C. like to (Lick the p**y)
The f**ing JV like to (Lick the p**y)

The Kool the kinky dude on the streets after dark
I fish for meats so I can eat like a shark
Get hit on by jailbait but pay it no mind
I never ate a dish a day before its time
Now why the brothers in my f**ing town are f**ing blue
Cause before I knock the boots I want to lick the shoes
Get dirt on my chin, still puffing a bunch of smoke
She screaming shoot her cream, right down my f**ing throat, nope
I never let a dark honey just pa**
I just slam my face in that fat Onyx a**
Asked he chick for 69 or 61
Thats when I bust a nut but the b**h never cums

Hum mmmm mmmmm
I gots to have it cause my tongue wants to
Keep her going like that f**ing rabbit, just grab it
But say no and I wont be pushy
Just make me change your mind, so I can lick your p**y

(Lick the p**y)
A JuJu like to (Lick the p**y)
My man Rob like to (Lick the p**y)
Yeah, the god Lamar like to (Lick the p**y)
Ha, Kurious like to (Lick the p**y)
Yeah, Dr. Butcher like to (Lick the p**y)
My cousin Ron like to (Lick the p**y)
Cmon, Sam Dean like to (Lick the p**y)

In and out with the tongue, aint another brother finer
Cause I can dunk like that f**in Harold Miner
After I see you here now youre in for a suprise
My lips are suction cups in a f**ing fat disguise
Rise up off the bed in a twist
I make your head spin like the f**ing Exorcist
Miss Mary Jane, you blow for a change, come on
Act insane and s** out my damn brains, the main
Vein is up for spring cleaning
Trick licking on my balls, yeah now you got me fiending
Im dreaming, Im in the cemetary s**ing breasts
I pet the clit and put the p**y to rest
I might not flow like Fat Joe, but Im cool
f**ing third of the trio, a p**y eating fool
Dripping out my mouth baby
So let me lick the p**y before you drive me crazy

(Lick the p**y)
JMD like to (Lick the p**y)
Stretch Armstrong like to (Lick the p**y)
My man T-Roy like to (Lick the p**y)
Yeah, Diggy Dice like to (Lick the p**y)
Cmon, n***as in the Sk**s like to (Lick the p**y)
Yo, out in LA they like to (Lick the p**y)
Yeah and DC like to (Lick the p**y)
I think lesbians like to (Lick the p**y)
Yeah, and I like to (Lick the p**y)
Yeah, you can cut it off like (Lick the p**y)

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