The Bizzie Boyz - Droppin It

Song Rating: 8.63/10

Song lyrics:

..* Ego Trips Book of Rap Lists; p. 323 *..

[Verse One]
Through the years, of watchin the behavior of an MC
I came to the conclusion that a s**er mind is empty
What Im tryin to say is ingenuity is lackin
Full participation is the only thing Im askin
Focus your full attention on every word that is expressed
Uttered, announced, spoken or told
Swallow it whole then let my science explode
But still Im cla**ified as a s**er, so?
I overlook, then invent a rhyme to get em wise
But youre too busy bein beamed up to the Enterprise
You have no grabs, no concept, no nothin
But then you criticize the rhymes that +I+ be bustin
How can you do this when youre stankin brand new to this?
Be aware that Im not the MC to diss
Im just a man that enjoys this type of music
And you dont have the faintest idea of how to use it
For the next few minutes please let me enlighten you
But dont bite into, or Ill be fightin you
And then that will only add into the crime rate
When my goal is to help you like rhyme straight
You have a very very very short attention span
And after this youll probably be another wishin fan
Knowledge on the loose, and theres no stoppin it
You want true enlightenment? Well Im droppin it

[Verse Two]
Super-cala-fraga-listic, lets kick it live again
Do I have to tell you that youre wack, time and time again?
Heres a brief example of a complicated cut
{*DJ cuts and scratches rapidly*} So what?
For a song like this a cut like that would not be needed
If not used correctly then the purpose is defeated
For example {*better scratch*} sounds much better
However; many, are not that clever
To the hip, hop, now yo just stop it!
Many are still stuck on the old school topics
Drop it, forget it move on focus all attention this way
This may, leave you in a state of confusion
Youre choosin, you chose me because Im your MC
The one the two the three, its me MC Will-Ski
If you dig a little deeper then you see I keep a style of mine

On the other hand, understand I keep a pile of rhymes
Move across the city with the use of only one line
When you get adjusted then I kick, out the next rhyme
Knowledge on the loose, and theres no STOPPIN IT
You want true enlightenment? Well Im droppin it

[Verse Three]
Fully illustrated was a style to keep em all away
But to my surprise, many MCs made the same mistake
Of takin my material and tryin to disguise it
MCs if youre listenin, Ski would not advise this
Type of maneuver which can lead to aggravation
Cause this particular poet takes pride in his creation
So glance at the MC that is standin right in front of you
All my rhymes are fly s**er, now whatcha gonna do?
Never criticize if you cant take, criticism
To acquire knowledge you must first, have the wisdom
See my mind is open let me broaden my horizon
Young brother with ambition so myself Im not disguisin
But many brothers play the stereotype role
All about the money, fancy cars, a lot of gold
The goal is not important and the cars is transportation
So please spread the word to every ear throughout the nation
That money is a tool and the mind is in control
Once this is understood a different person will unfold
Knowledge on the loose, and theres no stoppin it
You want true enlightenment? Well Im droppin it

[Verse Four]
Lets end this song of wisdom with a meditated thought
Did you truly understand, the lesson that was taught?
No Im not a teacher this reality has dawned on me
The other man is blind, to the rap music industry
Cause he is only human and the moneys always green
But some brothers get trapped
And then they sell out on their dreams
Knowledge on the loose, and theres no stoppin it
You want true enlightenment? Im droppin it!

Cause Im not gonna sell out to the other man
Down with Roland, the rhythm fanatic
Mixmaster D, Big Pete, Fly Eli, move and groove
Down with Payroll Records, period
And Im outta here!

Date of text publication: 19.01.2021 at 06:48