The Palmer Squares - World Dont Stand Still

Song Rating: 8.59/10

Song lyrics:

Verse 1
I think I need a verse more than you do
Music magic voodoo
Who knew that wed take it this far still so much to do
Trying to fill the airways with a different kind of pain
Aim for your brain
Feel the change coming through the paint
Trying to pivot to another place
Push away the people close I need a little space
Love turns to heartbreak
How much can your heart take
d**h turns you numb turns the sun into a dark day

Gotta cool out cool out
Before you lose out lose out
Cause the world dont stand still for ya
Gotta cool out cool out
Before you lose out lose out
Cause the world dont stand still

Im a dream chaser, a scene painter
Aiming for the fame stay the same as the game change
How low does your chain hang that does not concern me
How they fight in battles bruising knuckles trying to earn these
Double yous who are you running to what is it coming to
People are pa**ing away all around me more than one or two
Trying to slow that sh** down
Ground falling out from underneath me Im hellbound
W-w-well now(well now)lone soldier head home
Head of steel heart of gold gotta get back on the road
Ive been told more than once that time heals all
Dont believe me but its true trying to clear the fog
Cornered by the fact that it might never go away
Never seeing color just a bunch of different shades of grey
Take it slow and keep it on the day to day
Yeah, nothing last forever be prepared for it to fade away


(Grant Flows)
If I could tell you one thing it would be sorry
But I cant tell you anything cause youd ignore me
Remember a point in time when you adored me
But now Im old news way before 40
25 years old and Im feelin ancient
Makin music in my basement
They say I aint sh**
Delusion invades me
Time wasted
Off the reservation
Im losing patience
And motivation
My bus is vacant
Though i feel im bound for greatness
Sloppy drunk at a waffle house
Hitting on another waitress
Sayin she should f** me cause Im about to be famous
Oh, to hell with what your girls say
They tryin to block my a** like the chembai?

But you got me rocked up
Like some mint bay
So f** me and what your friends say
And f** the he say she say what do we say
And put it on replay keep it goin
Locomotion keep rollin
State to state motherf**ers im holdin
Marijuana and microphones
I cant leave the mics alone
God damn your minds are blown
And Im gonna take the throne
Then open up your boy the barrel of a smokin gun
Who shot ya


They say Im ill, but Im ill tempered
Prescriptions getting filled by the pill vendor
The stimulus give me chills till I feel tremors
Reporting the top story call me Gale Weathers
Shake your tail feathers
Cause grammatically Im practically perfect
But in reality Im actually worthless
Feelin antiquated but you cant really shirk
Such infallible work from a talented wordsmith
I wish I was a happier person
Rapping a verse to validate my lack of exertion
Been distracted by a ma**ive diversion
Feeling rather uncertain
On my last nerve asking for mercy god damn!
I gotta cool out, cool out
My crew about to make you spit your food out your mouth
Theres a new crowd in town
We shoot loud as 2,000 rounds and were taking every news outlet down

(Term K)
Term sure can spin a yarn
Yet hes serving chicken parm with an apron on
This sh**s unnerving
Burn herb in his cigar
Spend my earnings at the bar
Get retarded till the break of dawn
And swerve up in the whip
A perverted hermit with a firm grip on his dick
Lit spliff between my herpasidic lips
Research your history
To be the epitome of determined for a victory
Lookin inwardly Im finna see the outer limits of my destiny
From a different perspective
And living selfishly and a little wreckless
Havent fell asleep in days
Tell your demons keep away
But they keep a weight on your shoulders
That eats away at your soul for eternity
Teachers claim to be saviors
Well, face it nobodys learned a thing nor earned none yet
Some do it for the music
Some do it for a check
Some do it just to do it then move to the next one


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