The True Frost - Crusade 666 the Palestine

Song Rating: 9.45/10

Song lyrics:

In the Heart of Europe we have been dwelling worthy
But middle-east sh** offends our sinful eyes
The holy land and all its sun-raped soil
Honoured and glorified, its a f**ing joke
Desert land, so rotten and foulest, of what we have ever witnessed
Time has come to harvest what has been sown, may your illness be rooted out
You bare the crown of guilt and shame, what a disaster did take place
Where a whore gave birth to a bastard lord of angels, birth of Christi(ns)anity disgrace
Demonhatred attack
Infernal phallic missiles
Unleash satanic warheads

The four horsemen, arise
The fool of fools, worshipped by the mindless ma**es
King of j**s, the king of lies
Spiritual pest, the plague of the world
Tainting everything with stupidity and weakness
Upon this land we spoke our judgement, heading for crusade 666
Launching the full-scale attack, human sh**, begone from this earth
Shorn sheep of god, sub-human scum, let the filth be washed away
With a six hundred and sixty six megaton fist in the face of god
Onward, crusade 666
Conquer the promised land, buried under camel sh**
Onward, hail, crusade 666

Date of text publication: 19.01.2021 at 02:29