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Song lyrics:

I know
I said I was done before
But I dont feel like I left yall epic enough
So this is my last stand as anime rap god
He dies in 2015
Lets end this proper:

Let me start off by saying Im doing what I wanna
n***as all know Im rap games Saitama
When it come to bars, one punch will deplete you
When it come to hands, one punch will defeat you
Lets get it, you dont want it when I pull up
You can barely do one, let alone a hundred push-ups
Grip up, youll never see the moment that I slip up
I make opponents sit down the moment they see me sit-up
You aint doing squat, you get to dippin when Im dashing
See the way the sh** worked out, Im a savage
Fully powered up and ceasing all of your functions
One jab, who think they taking my punches?
b**h, Ive been training, Im scrapping with all
Trying to take my place here, its ironic cause Im bald
City named Z, your unlikely hero
Staying heavy-armed with metal, thats Genos, heated
If I dont choose to snuff foes
Youll feel every bang from Machine Gun Blows
Keep your vaccine, man, Im staying sicker than f**
Youre mosquitoes that I swat, start giving it up
n***as acting like theyre beefcakes, Im ripping them up
I cant find me an opponent, go for lifting me up
Im an S-Cla** spitter and a hell of a man
I can f** around and shatter up the shell from a crab
King, I aint talking subterranean sh**
You a fan of, if you aint, you probably hating my sh**
For no reason, is cool cause I got you, bro
When I start this carnage like Kabuto
Beast, and Im looking at a slug and a frog
Dont nobody go realer than
Armored, bringing harm to anybody with my cabbage
Im a savage, Mantis
Its an honor to face a fighter like me
One swing, Ill knock your head a 145 feet
I got Pull Real Talk
n***a, I aint bragging
So strong I can ground dragons
Bout to take over the game as a whole
On a task you remaining a mole
I can jump through a meteor, you better back back, bro
I get your grip crushed like a motherf**ing Black Hole
Taking the [?] and switching it up

Looking for ways for beating it down
I can change my name to Sonic
k**ing sh** at the speed of sound
Bite through blades the moment I get hungry
Consider they cant touch me
People watch in awe
Cause my bars off the wall
Every line brings the pain like a punch to the balls
b**h, Im shocked and appalled [?] that Im a genius
I need to hammer your head for that sh** and I mean it
Put a bomb in your mouth, yes, Im done being mellow
And my [?] spread like the hair on [?]
You aint fear how strong my might is
I got drive, you aint got your license
Anime Rap God in his last defense
So Ima make this a finale that you cant forget
Im incinerating everything anybody around
Are turning right into ash
Along with the very town
Im pound-for-pound vicious
You really dont want the combat
Ill put a f**ing hole in a mountain without contact
Boros really want the problems?
Really dont think I can solve them?
Get anything to murder
My power you havent heard of
So, again, do you really want the problems?
Ive been calm so youre all delirious
Yall aint ready for your boy to get serious
Cause thats when the sh** hits a whole new peak
And Im the only f**ing person in this whole new league
Whats good?
Im bored with scrapping with yall
Blank stare, no reason for snapping at yall
I aint gonna beat your a**, the belt settles
Every single f**ing thing I spit can melt metal
Rap one punch, no need for a cape
For my appearance alone it gets known Im a great
So if at any point I aint something you feel
Whenever I fight you for real

All it takes is one (4x)
All it takes is one, punch, punch (2x)
All it takes is one punch (3x)

Date of text publication: 18.01.2021 at 04:54