Wally Left - N$GT$

Song Rating: 7.41/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse 1: Deon]

Pharaoh headed barrel like a violent wesson
Grip a triton bring the tide in like poseidons blessing
Lightning rods strike you, smite ya clique n light the reverends
Rarer than a kiss from heaven yet you fight the essence
Left em in a pit of discretion
Scribble this sinning emit the (infinence?) n im left with
Im infinite as Eminem in 96 lined with the riddles and line spit
Yeah after I climb then my mind click
Now i spit til ya f**in versaci design rip
No vuitton or armani designers so fine stitch
Diamond suppliers high as you get, f** dishonoring sh**
The soul provider lift my eyes up to zion and lift
Now im fly as ever in my ibis feathers
With my cleopatra tatted eyes idol perfection
Suit yourself, like david & bridal professions
But dont come cryin when we fly up to zion you getting left... b**h

*listen closely* LEFT COAST NIGGA!

Chorus [Wally]:

God granted us halos
Gold links for the hate
Left coastin with no state angels hailin from LA
Lost Angeles got damnit its heavenly
Rain blessings straight from the bezel now breathe
We got them j**els with us
And we got n***as boos with us
Ghost ride the bandwagons come n cruise with us
No State Lost Angels, in the cool we trust

[Verse 2: Boycott]

Shooting for the j**elry like resivour dogs
I got my halo and devil horns on, thats not a metaphor naw

Head to war when my heavenly weaponry draws
Lost angels well forever be destined to fall
Feels like Im floating through clouds, dodging the sun rays
And those lost due to gunplay, Im right next to you
Please put your hands together just like it was Sunday
You taking off on the run and we taking off on the run way
You see the difference between us
Imma nit witted genius and sick with it
Even though Imma ghetto n***a out here grippin his penis
Through his jeans swoopin through ya scene like he the coolest thing
Start the sequence as my heart is beating
Im not the biggest god believer, lets just carpe diem
Giving wanna be mcs the bgs
Its nsbg since the b.c.s n***a


[Verse 3: Wally Left]

Gotta keep the tags on ya halo
Got mines in 95 forgot to check it at the gate
Left the wings for the next fool, but re-upped with red bull
I lay low skinny n***a im lanky but im laced layin pennies
Pitchin two for you, when coast came thru?
Ya chickens flew the coupe. Down south. They knew the routes
Birds. n***as in the burbs tryna glisten off the beatin in ya speakers
Ya can tell my walk is kinda off from the creases in my sneakers
Pedal like the black mags
My platoon out for doubloons flyin the black flag
Im deep as davey jones bolster the weight of the globe o by o
Shakin the pos like Lupin
Its cool long as you cruise with the right maneuverin
I knew that I was fooling for
Trying to find a angel when we all had to fall like lucifer
Came down from the clouds like gabriel, laid my name down
Its left so the presence is felt


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