YC The Cynic - OTL 70: YC the Cynic Excerpt #1 The RDACBX

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Song lyrics:

YC the Cynic: Well, the RDACBX was a branch out of Rebel Diaz, and I joined right before it started so Im a founding member. Well Rod moved to Hunts Point, Rod started Rebel Diaz, when I was like 13 or 14, and through just like regular activity, playing basketball, he would come by to the studio, we kinda built a rapport and he told me about the idea to start a community center. Being a young kid and alL I heard was Oh theres a studio! so I was on board. I didnt really understand what he was trying to do. But yeah, we took over an abandoned candy factory and just like remodeled the whole entire thing and created a safe space for -- I dont want to say only young people -- but for people in underprivileged areas to find new talents or to grow the talents that they have. To be exposed to things they werent necessarily able to be exposed to

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