YG - All in A Day

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Song lyrics:

[Produced by Cozmo and Maxwell Smart]

[Hook: Vital]
All in a day, I did it all in a day, I did it all in a day
All in a day, I did it all in a day, I did it all in a day
All in a day, I did it all in a day, I did it all in a day
All in a day, I did it all in a day, I did it all in a day

[Verse 1: Berner]
Im on, like sh**, I aint worried bout them
Be cool, make you bury your friend
Two girls on my dick, I let em roll my weed
Big cash, no 20s or 10s
One call to the bay, move it all in a day
Pray to God dont get lost on the way
I move so much weight, I caught me a case
f** the police, thats all Im gon say
But sh**, look at them rims
Look at my wrist, take a look at my b**h
The car I just parked cost three of four bricks
The pack talk for me, I dont need to say sh**
Yeah I blow brown bag money
Go hard, yall dont have no money
Broke b**hes get mad, if they dont bring cash
Yeah, then I act all funny
But back to the pack though
Big Bern be really in the trap though
Bet your mans know well do the whole thing, we dont let the half go
Cash up front, yeah thats mando
I got a problem, all I do is ball
40 cal Glock make your homeboy fall
Been around the world, I came right back
24 hours go too damn fast, hold up

[Pre-Hook: Vital]
Hatin a** n***as be all in the way, all in the way
Been around the world, did it all in a day, all in a day
Groupie a** b**hes be all in my face, all in my face
Been around the world, did it all in a day, all in a day

[Hook: Vital]

[Verse 2: YG]
Hol up, hol up, hol up, hol up, n***a hol up
Lightin my dream, she gettin too close, you doin too much
n***a-n***a-n***a hol up
I hate when a n***a be runnin his mouth
Click-clack, put the gun in his mouth
n***as aint got search warrants, wearin these Michael Jordans

n***as run in yall mothaf**in house
In and we out, n***a, we in a drought
Thats the reason why we in your house, n***a
Act like you know somethin
But in that interrogation room act like you know nothin
Dont mention my name
I dont know gun things, I dont know Pi things
I dont know who got the Rondo, I dont know who got the John blow
I dont know a rich condo
I dont know the head honcho, I dont know who get it pronto
I aint know mothaf** a snitch so when they tell me
I tell them I dont know the whole convo
I got 24 hours, Rikers, take a piss, take a shower
Make a hundred thousand dollar plate in an hour
Its YG 4hunnid!

[Verse 3: Vital]
The people gon talk, yeah I know what they say
I could care less, they gon hate anyway
Im f**in new b**hes like every day
Boy I hit it and quit it then be on my way
Stay in your lane, mothaf**as know my name
Nah I aint for no games
Im just sayin, furl blood all in my veins
Real n***as know what Im sayin

[Pre-Hook] + [Hook]

[Verse 4: Young Thug]
Smoke it, smoke it, yeah
Burn it, burn it, yeah
Light it, light it, yeah
Higher than pilots, yeah
Higher than pilots, yeah
b**h I am, yeah
Drippin so pa** me some napkins
On blood
Im a real gettin money young n***a
Even though I got some lean and some molly and E its alright boy
I aint hatin
I aint ever been gay, even though I ball all day (Bengay)
My neck and my wrist and my ears and my fingers
They shinin, they wet like a lake
Ill shoot a p**y n***a five times in his back like Ricky, Lake
Ima catch the b**h, she let me nut inside her mouth
And I didnt even take her on a date
Chyeah (woo woo wha!) bake
Racks, racks racks racks, steak

[Pre-Hook] + [Hook]

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