YJ.BEATS - I Know Thats Right

Song Rating: 9.23/10

Song lyrics:

Verse 1

Baby where you want to go?
You know I provide for you
If you ever need anything
Ill bring it right back for you
Tell me what I have to do
Please be verbal
Baby I wont hurt you
You remind me of me
Together we can be beyond them
Ive been waiting for responses
We got the logic
Now that youre in the picture
All the trouble is dodged
Round of applause cause you know you deserve this
If you have time itll be worth it
Now shes got the press
She wants me to get the curl
I might open up if she lets me in her world
If she opens up best believe I get the girl
Turning one love into a plural
Thats a far fetch and you should know youre a rare catch
Since I seen you Ive been thinking you and I a good team
If you decide to stay that would be a good thing
Girl I know youre caught up over me for real
You are sealed to me and I hope you get this message please
You and I can see it true
So what you want to do?
Caught up with your crew
Better things I shall pursue


I know thats right
You got it going on

Can we move on
I got my eyes on you
You provide the light that makes people wonder
I know thats right
You got it going on

Verse 2

Baby where are you going and when are you coming back
My love for you is a fact
We can explore
Im searching for you shore to shore
Just so I can take you out for more
Now that we made it this far we cannot go back
Its like you got me on the right track
If I stray off I come right back and you know its all for you
Yours sincerely
My biggest secrets
You can keep them
Now come right back just how I do
Like I do for you if its cool
Tell me can this last forever
Like good hair to run your fingers through
If I was the cause to when youre feeling blue
I wouldnt know what to do
Baby I think youre very cool
Are you in the mood for what it is that you desire
Your love for items
The finest
All off this is priceless
To come at a cost or a process
I have confessed
Staying in the dark would be better cause thats when we do whatever
At any measure


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