Zebra Print - Intake

Song Rating: 7.22/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse 1: Stevie McFly]
Cold Stone with the money: like it, love it, gotta have it
Get a nun up out her habit and we f**ing like we rabbits
Gotta stab it, gotta jab it with my motherf**ing carrot
Long as Elmers shotgun when that n***a hunting wabbits
My talents apparent, you wack as white parents
Spit flames with my lyrics like lighters to spirits
You hear it? You fear it, cause you are not near it
Prince of the East, bury me under pyramids
God Hates Swag, no love between the church and me
n***a steady rhyming like Im chilling in a nursery
Eenie meenie miney moaning girls up in my bed, n***a
We be finding foes and putting hands upside they head, n***a
Haters take six shots of gin and mix that sh** with iocane
Jesus died for all our sins, lets make sure he aint die in vain
You cant sleep on me; n***a, you know your boy is bad
I am the Six-Fingered Man, you are Inigo Montoyas dad

[Hook: Zebra Print]
Intake, outtake
Do you really think that you can relate?

[Verse 2: Zebra Print]
Outtake! You n***as cant really relate to me
Superior genes like I was one of them Levis
Traveling, blue skies, south by Southwest
Bag a bad Kim K on the plane, then I have me a
North West. My Jesus piece protects
As if it was a vest, but I wouldnt say Im blessed

Because the devil speaks in tongues where Im from
So keep your guard on, cause these n***as babble on in Babylon
I am the godson of this rap sh**
Bringing you n***as news that you couldnt refuse
So what you want? Im taped up in Yves Saint Laurent
So carry on, cause I carry on with these loaf red bottoms on
So stay in your lane, cause ZP? He stays in his zone
Me and Twiggy keep it serenity
From 13 til infinity


[Verse 3: Stevie McFly]
If it comes to bars, Ill murder you
And if its coke, I command lines like the terminal
f** you two-bit hustlers, MOG is thirty-two
See me and you fly away, I bring out the bird in you
My future path is vertical: upward mobility
Pull out, cum in her face: upward motility
Maniac ability, Im a brainiac and you feeling me
You lame cats, your dames rats, and your brain lacks facilities
She feeling me, she want me in her Majin Buu
Got me feeling like I changed dimensions like its Jungle Guu, n***a
My hunger to succeed is five hundred, dude
MOG, we walk up on the scene with five hundred dudes
And the girls is double that; its double, dude
Me and Zebra Print, double trouble and we double rude
Take a pair of twins vs, make that sh** a w
Wanna see the future? Look: its in front of you


Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 00:46