Ziggi - Ganja Smoke In The Air

Song Rating: 7.67/10

Song lyrics:

Got my sensimilla plantation inna the hills
Me no want no crackpipe, rastaman no swallow pill
Marijuana smoke is whats comin through my window sill
A ganja empire I&I a build
Police find 8000 gram a white last night
Somebody drop it on the coast off a helicopter flight
Dem suspect rasta and dem neglect me rights
And raid me house at night wid gun and flashlight

Ganja smokes in the air
Man a no joka smoka
Coke promoter fi dissapear
The highest grades over here

Man a no joka smoka
Crack supporter no come near

Me a no c**aine pusher
Me nah import nothin and me a no distributor
All me have is one pound a sensi inna the rover
And one pound wha stock under the livin room sofa
Dem find 2 pound a ses inna the backyard
4 pound a sensi inna me girl car
Dem nah find no c**aine wha dem a search for
Why u a pressure the farmer man star

Theres a 50 grand reward for information that proves rastas involved
If a ganja u a look for, gwaan tell the judge im guilty as charged

Date of text publication: 18.01.2021 at 07:36